Could You Fail In Life By Overindulging In Sex?

This program is for Men who are struggling with Lust and Sex Addiction. The story is set in Singapore in the local Geylang Red Light District scene.

The Lust Control program helps men who have loneliness and self-loathing. They have lust addiction and go on repeated sexcapades.

Such a man finds it difficult to escape his sex addiction because the lustful feelings repeat every week!

How can he escape this sex addiction and lead a better, happier life?

Listen to the life story of Lance Ong, a young man with sex addiction. Hear how he overcomes the lust that draws him to visit prostitutes all the time!

Learn from Lance’s life experience…. 17 years of sex addiction he has overcome. And today, he brings you all his precious experience into one lesson that can transform your life!

Just listen to this program one time, take action on the ideas inside, and you will be cured forever! A powerful audio talk that takes you through the lust of the sex industry, through the innocent eyes of a little boy.

Audio Talk About The Sex Addiction Cycle. Press Play To Listen.

Why Listen To Lust Control?

✔️ Overcome lust and sex addiction. Never look back to your old life of dark addiction.
✔️ Feel lighter and free-er. No more yearning for hot girls and experiencing uncontrollable desires.
✔️ Understand the principles of having a successful life. Breaking free of sex addiction to achieve it.
✔️ Finally get a beautiful girlfriend who loves you for who you are and not just your money.
✔️ Feel good about yourself. No more a sex addict. Now a free and good man. A better life awaits you!

New! How to overcome compulsive masturbation. Useful if you are addicted to pornography.

What’s Inside Lust Control?

✅ A true life story about a young man’s excitement and struggle to break free of sex addiction.
✅ Real life lessons that help you kick the lustful nature and find your true and good self again.
✅ Step-by-step instructions on exactly what to do to escape the sex addiction trap.
✅ Wisdom about what it means to lead a beautiful life and the Path you need to take to achieve it.
✅ Laugh at the follies of a young pervert, learn from his experiences, and apply the principles to transform your own life! 

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Who Designed Lust Control?

Lance Ong is a Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Certified from NLP University in California, Santa Cruz, USA. Lance is a Master at helping people transform their lives. Since the tender age of 17, he became the World’s Youngest Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Lance has transformed many lives through his personal consultation and coaching sessions. He is also trained in Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy — psychological tools which help people shift their mindsets and achieve personal breakthroughs in their lives. Today, Lance is middle-aged… an old humper, you can say. But now willing to give his experience back to society; willing to help you overcome your lust and sex addiction — open the doorway to a beautiful life! Email:

NLP Psychological Expertise

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Break Free Of Lust & Sex Addiction!

How Much To Have Lust Control?

Controlling your lust will cost $72 USD for this special audio program. It comes with a List of Lust Cure Instructions that gives you specific action steps to take to break free of lust and sex addiction. All you need is to listen one time, write down your insights and new decisions, then try out the action steps. Within days, you will find your lust and sexual habits completely disappear! Try it today, to experience a total transformation of your sex life!

Is It Worth It?

Breaking free of sex addiction is one of the best things you could ever do for yourself in this lifetime. Once you are a free man, you will see all the better things in life come to you. Better experiences for joy and happiness, you get to meet better women, you even learn how to cook! Furthermore, by going through this psychotherapeutic program online for $72 US Dollars, you save so much money compared with visiting a sex therapist for thousands of dollars in consultation fees! Really, this is your chance to break free today! You will find ultimate freedom in becoming the ideal man you’ve always wanted to be! Buy Lust Control Now.


“I have never seen anything so amazing as a program so succinct and powerful that can CHANGE YOUR LIFE!”
Charles Meng

“This Thing… Is The Thing. Transforms Your Life.”
Donald Silvarelli

“Why men don’t indulge in sex anymore after this… is because they have become truly good.”

“This power of Lance Ong is soooo powerful, you will be amazed at your transformation.”
Wilson Ye

“Lance Ong is the man who can change your thinking. He is the key to a life free of sex addiction.”

Hard-Hitting Reasons To Buy
  1. $72 USD is less than the cost of one super prostitute.
  2. One $72 USD investment and you will be cured of sex addiction for life!
  3. Sex addiction normally costs thousands of dollars to fix in traditional counselling therapy. You are saving thousands of dollars in therapy fees and getting to be that perfect man you’ve always wanted to be. 
  4. You pay the money from sacrificing one sexual experience only… and you will be SUPER in Life again.
  5. Lust Control is the Best System for curing sex addiction. Lance Ong is a Master at transforming people. Try it today to experience a total transformation of yourself! Open the doorway to a beautiful life!
  6. Going through Lust Control is like sitting down with a professional sex addiction therapist to help you break free of lust problems.
  7. Lust Control is a membership website. You have to buy access to it with your credit card. Remember the login name and password that you set, as you will use these to access the Lust Control membership website.
  8. Lust Control is a one-time payment only. There are no recurring monthly fees. One payment of $72 USD and you have access to Lust Control for as long as this website exists.
  9. You can easily achieve the results promised by Lust Control within one week of implementing the strategies inside.

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