Hi, I’m Lance Ong — Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Today I’m going to talk to you about sex. In particular, what kind of sex? Actually, masturbation and prostitution — two kinds of sex — one with yourself and one with a girl. The philosophical questions… “Is it okay to masturbate? And is it okay to see prostitutes?” Today we will get to the root of this.

I’m actually a Thinker, Philosopher, and NLP Therapist. I’ve had trouble with sex addiction before… 17 years of sex addiction suffering. I think I’ve been through all this rubbish – Banging girls and squeezing boobies to bring you this one solution: How to break free of sex addiction and lead a beautiful life! I overcame it in 2007 – never seen a prostitute and hardly played with myself anymore….

Today, I am going to reveal to you the Truths about masturbation and prostitution. Are you ready? Okay. So our first philosophical question, “Is it okay to Masturbate?”

The Truth About Masturbation

Within every man, are the seeds of life. These are your balls. That’s your sac there hanging at your groin. Don’t know where your groin is? Look between your legs! 

[Bending Over, Looking For My Groin…]

Women Masturbate??

Talking about legs, girls masturbate as well. They also carry the seeds of life — but theirs, are known as the eggs of life — their ovaries. Male seeds hang on the outside, while female eggs are stored inside. Seeds and eggs are the carriers of life. When men masturbate, they ejaculate their sperm and shoot out their life force. This will definitely age you little by little – that’s why it’s known as ‘The Little Death’ in French — la petite mort. As your unborn sperm children are dying, so does your body die a little with each ejaculation. Similarly for girls, when she Climaxes, the River of Life Flows… and that is her Life Force flowing out. 

If you want to stay young and vital, best not to masturbate. Masturbation loses your vital essence. Look at me, I’m old after masturbating since I was 10 years old! When you masturbate, you’re actually enjoying that feeling of energy moving inside you — it builds up and climaxes — releasing an avalanche of pleasure. Uuuuhhhh!!

[Masturbating Myself and Having an Orgasm — Eyes Rolling Up Into My Head.]

Hap-penis Is Not Happiness

For a man, sensations of hap-penis are often mistaken for happiness. Hap-penis is but a fleeting sensation of pleasure running through your penis; happiness on the other hand, is true heart and mind joy. Don’t mistake one for the other. The ejaculation says, “I’m happy! Whee!!!” But that is not true happiness of the heart and mind. Instead, it is the happiness of buildup & release…. It’s the happiness of those little sperm children imagining they’re about to be born! “We’re heading into the vagina! Wheee!!” When actually, they’re falling onto the floor. 

The more you shoot out from below, the more empty you feel on top — your belly, heart, and mind get drained. Just try going for exams when you have masturbated the night before. You know you are pushing your brain on empty. Driving a brain car with no petrol.

You can’t just ejaculate and climax and expect peak performance from yourself. There’s no fuel left! All of it was given to your unborn children! That’s your Real Life Force in them! The Gift that Powers Them for a Lifetime! If I give my vital force away three times a day… I’m going to shorten my life by three times! 

So, in short, is it okay to masturbate? Yes it is! But it is not good for you.

Now, on to the second philosophical question: “Is it OK to see prostitutes?”

That, has been the eternal question… because prostitution is the World’s Oldest Profession. Since time immemorial, women have been having sex for money. In the past, it would be in exchange for gifts of food or clothing. Nowadays… you need a lot of dating, promises, and romance. OR… your cold hard cash! Either that, or you are Mr Handsome and women want to vent their frustrations on you. 

What men realise after all their years of seeing prostitutes, is that they were not getting anywhere… their life success was being dragged down. Somehow, all this banging of girls was actually banging up their life! Somehow, there is a spiritual connection between life success and your personal conduct. That should be because of Karma. The Law of Karma. For example, one effect of Karma is…: Having sex with prostitutes pushes away your future girlfriend. 

Do you know how that works? 

No girl wants to marry a pervert. Don’t waste so much time and energy watching porn.

And every girl has spiritual parents and spiritual relatives. When the spirits see you, her future boyfriend, having sex with prostitutes, they get very worried for their daughter’s future marriage. They look at you and wonder whether you will actually be loyal to her for life or will you lead her into a life of strife! That spiritual worry generates a line of karmas that prevent you two lovebirds from ever meeting. You could have sex addiction and that is not what your future spiritual parents-in-law are looking for in a husband for their daughter. Sex addiction always makes you single even though you yearn for a girlfriend.

The further bad things about seeing prostitutes is that you can’t really fall in love with them. You must never fall in love with a prostitute or you will find that it’s a really messed up relationship! You don’t know what these girls have been through… all that sex and rape and childhood trauma… a heart that has been broken a hundred times… different men banging your girlfriend every day…? It’s crazy! You don’t want all this crazy in your life, guys. So here’s the Second Law: Having a relationship with a prostitute is a hard and crazy thing. 

The Truth About Prostitute Love

Most guys who feel they are in love with a prostitute, are actually lonely men who were yearning for a girlfriend. When there was no girlfriend in sight, they fell in love with the prettiest girl they were banging. If the prostitute cannot stir your heartstrings, then she is not an attractive woman. Usually you will find that she can bang you, but she will not let you kiss her on the lips!

Because… her lips are what links to her heart — if she kisses you with her lips, she is giving you access to her heart. But she cannot give her heart away to every male customer, she is only selling her body as an excitement experience. No love intended. So don’t go to a prostitute expecting love! There is no love… it is a sex for cash trade. Plain and simple. If you feel lonely after banging a prostitute, that is your guardian spirits telling you to quit sex addiction and find a girlfriend. 

So… coming round to our question again, “Is it OK to have sex with prostitutes?” It’s legal… but it’s not good for you. Very bad for your karma for love and success. It can leave you with no girlfriend, no love, no money, no career, no success; depression, regret, and loneliness. Really my friend… Quit sex addiction and have a good life. 

I’m an NLP therapist with who has overcome 17 years of sex addiction. I know how to help men break free of sex addiction. If you are a man looking to break free of sex addiction, try my Lust Control program. It is the ultimate cure to sex addiction for a very affordable price.

Lance Ong
NLP Therapist

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